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This website provides public access to Navy Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs) for proposed actions in the Navy’s Northwest Region, which includes Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota and Wyoming.  These documents are prepared in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), which requires all federal agencies to consider potential environmental consequences from a wide array of proposed major Federal actions before decisions are made and actions are taken. 

National Environmental Policy Act regulations allow federal agencies to identify actions which do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the quality of the human environment as categorically excluded from additional NEPA review.  The Navy has identified 45 categories of actions that are listed in 32 CFR Part 775, called "categorical exclusions."  If a proposed Navy action fits one of these categorical exclusions and has no extenuating circumstances that could result in a significant impact (such as certain adverse effects to historic properties or endangered species), the action is excluded from the requirement to prepare an EA or an EIS. 

As new EAs and EISs are available for public review and comment, announcements will be published in local newspapers and links to the documents will be posted on this website. 

You can learn more about participating in the NEPA environmental review process in the Council on Environmental Quality’s publication “A Citizen’s Guide to the NEPA: Having Your Voice Heard.”  For an overview of the Navy's approach to the NEPA process, click on this link for our "Understanding NEPA" video

Writing and Submitting Comments.  For general information on how to make comments on NEPA documents, click this link:  "How to Comment."  Please refer to the specific document for instructions on how you can submit comments. 

Environmental Assessment (EA).  If a proposed Navy action does not fit one of the categorical exclusions (described above) or has extenuating circumstances that could result in a significant environmental impact, the Navy will prepare an EA.  Draft EAs are posted to this website for public review and comment.  Depending on the nature of the action, public information meetings may be held.  The Navy considers all public input and prepares a Final EA.  If the analysis demonstrates that the environmental impacts of the proposed action do not significantly impact the quality of the human environment, the Navy will issue a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI).  However, if the EA demonstrates that environmental impacts are potentially significant, uncertain, unknown or scientifically controversial, the Navy will prepare an EIS.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).  If a proposed Navy action has the potential to significantly impact the quality of the human environment, the Navy will prepare an EIS.  The EIS process includes public scoping, where the Navy requests public input on the proposed action before beginning the environmental analysis.  The Navy prepares a Draft EIS, which is made available for public review and comment.  Additionally, public information meetings are held to provide information about the proposed action and to answer questions about the proposed action and its potential environmental effects.  The Navy considers all public input when preparing the Final EIS, which is also released for public review.  Following publication of the Final EIS, the Navy makes a decision on the proposed action which is set forth in a Record of Decision (ROD).

Cultural Resources.  For information about historic buildings, archaeological sites, and Traditional Cultural Properties, visit our Cultural Resources webpage.

Natural Resources.  For information about our Natural Resources program, including links to guiding documents and Installation Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs), visit our Natural Resources webpage



Current Environmental Assessments (EAs)

At this time, no EAs are available for public review. 


Naval Special Operations Draft EA. 
Click here for more information.

Current Environmental Impact Statements (EISs)

EA-18G Growler Airfield Operations at Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, WA.   EIS

Service Pier Extension Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, WA.   Supplemental EIS

Northwest Training and Testing.   Supplemental EIS

Completed EAs

At this time, no links to completed EAs are available.

Completed EISs              

Navy Training Activities in the Gulf of Alaska (GOA).   EIS

Naval Weapons Systems Training Facility (NWSTF) Boardman, OR.   Final EIS

Navy At-Sea Final EISs   




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